Saturday, 22 July 2017

Finally all your SIM CARDS or phone lines could becregistered and used on WhatsApp at the same time. Even if you have just one android phone, Dual SIM or single SIM android phone, you can now install and enjoy two or multiple WhatsApp applications all in one smartphone or android device. The key is the GB WhatsApp which makes it possible and easy to use two or more WhatsApps on your phone. The GB WhatsApp WhatsApp can be downloaded from your mobile phone's App Store...Play Store for android phone users and other IOS App Store as the case may be.


The steps involve the normal procedure of finding the GB WhatsApp on your Application Store online and downloading it to your android mobile phone. Once downloaded, the normal installation process for your phone is followed.
After successfully installing the Dual WhatsApp Apk by the GB WhatsApp, activation of the socials Application is next. If you had been a user of the single WhatsApp, recall that you activated it by accepting the WhatsApp terms & conditions, entering your mobile phone line number, verifying your number through SMS or text message and finally choosing a username, profile pic and backup plan.

In the case of using two WhatsApps on one phone, virtually same steps are taken. The two WhatsApp icons that appear after installing the GB WhatsApp softwares are used to register and activate any mobile line or number you wish to use on WhatsApp.

Please ensure that any mobile number you enter during your Two WhatsApp or Dual WhataApp registration in one phone needs to be active in any phone - big or small phone. This is to enable you receive the WhatsApp activation code or WhatsApp verification code. Once you received the code, the Dual or Double WhatsApp is ready for use.

A lot of android phone users or smartphone users like you undoubtedly have more than one SIM or mobile numbers. For the social fun-filled network which WhatsApp provides, you can now maximise that chat, video call, voice call and file share avenues through this new ability to use two WhatsApps on one android phone or smartphone.
Kindly report your experience on this new Dual QhatsApp by commenting below. However, remember to share this post on the social media like Facebook etc.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Etisalat Nigeria has finally become 9mobile. This development materialised yesterday Wednesday as the new Chief Executive Officer CEO, Bode Olusanya promises Nigerians better innovative telecommunication technology and other value added services.

The emergence of 9mobile as a replacement for the Etisalat brand in Nigeria followed a pull out of the UAE company Etisalat International from the Nigeria market after talks failes to repay the 1.7 bn dollars loan borrowed by the Etisalat company.

You may read the report by clicking here on the Exit of Etisalat from Nigeria.

My DigiTech Media Blog forecasted a buy-over of the former Etisalat infrastructures sited in Nigeria with its attendant probable loss of jobs, rebranding or remodelling. This prediction is exactly happening now. Users of Etisat lines have begun seeing a new 9Mobile brand name and logo appear on their phone screens.

As 9mobile telecom brand is unvield in Lagos Nigeria, the company has promised to right the wrongs of Etisalat Nigeria and take the telecommunication and all its value added services to the next level.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nigerians woke up this morning to the shocking news that one of the popular telecom operators Etisalat has wrapped up its business from the Nigerian market. The Abu Dhabi owned telecommunication giant announced the cut off of Etisalat International from doing any form of business in Nigeria on Monday.

Goodbye to Etisalat Nigeria
The quit notice according to the Head of Etisalat International was due to the failure of the 1.7 billion USD faced loan talks. The company saw no need to continue running any business transaction in Nigeria. To this end, Etisalat International has issued a directives to Etisalat Nigeria to withdraw or put away all products and services of the Etisalat brand from the Nigeria market. This ultimatum is to be fully implemented within two weeks.



By this move to abandon operations in Nigeria, the Dubai based telecom giant is leaving being calculated assets and liabilities. Some of these assets may include their operational infrastructure - communication masts, control hubs as well as technology etc. What is expected now is a hurried sell-off of these infrastructures, technology framework and expectedly loss of jobs. This is invariably not good for Nigeria and her people.



Millions of Nigerians are worried about what would happen to their Etisalat SIMs, modems, branded phones and other Eris a late encoded devices. With this sad exit of Etisalat from Nigeria, we are expecting a rapid shutdown of facilities, loss of Etisalat network signals and non-working of Etisalat-encoded technological devices.
Maybe owners of Etisalat lines could begin to port to other networks to remain active and reachable. Let us know your experience as you comment in the box below. Also share this Etisalat's Exit breaking news on the social media to enlighten friends.

Monday, 10 July 2017

The need to imbibe a habit of safeguarding our lives and property increases by the day.

Just recently, the story of a cruel Physiotherapist, Ms Bisola Anthonia Ojo who was captured on CCTV camera abusing a little girl diagnosed with cerebral parsley went viral; this video has been making rounds and attracting sympathizers who have been calling for justice. The horrific 19 minute video showed the “supposed” caregiver slapping, hitting, pushing and twisting the arms of a defenseless special needs child.
This story has provoked a lot of thoughts, but the big question is what if the school had not installed a CCTV camera? The extent of damage that would have been done to the child would definitely have been immeasurable; she might have even gotten away with it. We have come to a stage where we cannot deny the relevance of technology in combating insecurity. The CCTV camera technology has proven this fact.

CCTV Security Technology
Bizarre stories like; paid servants conniving with kidnappers/armed robbers to wreck untold suffering on their employers, with many cases resulting in loss of funds, property and even human lives, continually made headlines.
What could be done to avert, preempt and check these unforeseen occurrences?
The need to put in place formidable security solutions in homes, schools, churches, offices and public spaces cannot be overemphasized.
There are a couple of security consultancy agencies that are poised to design, implement, install and maintain quality standard security monitoring and surveillance systems within convenient budgets whilst upgrading and eliminating limitations  on already existing systems.
One of these security consultancies, Wiltrend Professional Services Limited, an indigenous IT firm with proven expertise in design, installation and management of integrated safety and security systems for domestic and industrial facility as well as general IT system supports.

Wiltrend Professional Services Limited provides security system consultancy services with professional competencies in the installation, maintenance and delivery of surveillance systems, access control, automated gates, fire prevention and control systems, intercom PABX, security systems and IT systems support.
Call or book online for free inspection on
Mobile: 08066506766, 0902 620 7189

So many users of single cable or satellite TV decoders like the DStv, MyTV or Startimes etc who wish to connect many TVs have been wondering how possible it could be to change the channels they view from the extra Televisions. Well, it is very possible and easy. This post will explain in most simple terms how you can change or control the TV channels you view from the other extra TVs connected to your single satellite, terrestrial or cable TV decoder.

Virtually all types of TV signal decoders can be employed in the splitting of signals to view on multiple TVs. This is because virtually all decoders have the RF-OUT port functionality. This port allows for TV signals from such decoding device to be onwardly transmitted to any other connected output screen device like the TV. Some advanced decoders like what we have in the DStv Explora has some HDMI as well as the SCART port technology which makes connections to more complex devices like the computer, projectors etc possible.


The device that makes this possible is known as the Remote Blaster. This is a hi-tech device which recives signal commands from a decoder remote control and transmits same to the primary TV where the decoder is located. for instance, if your satellite decoder is situated in the living room with its primary TV, while you are watching programs from an extra TV in your bedroom linked to the same decodrer by a remote blaster/wire arrangement. The remote blasting device shall be positioned in your bedroom so as to receive commands and transmit same to the central control decoder. This way, you could change channels from the comfort of wherever the remote blaster is kept.

DStv Decoder Remote Blaster


The remote blaster has a ball-shaped signal receptor, an antenna like protrusion housed in a box enclosing the intergrated circuit system. This device works on the Infra Red reception technology, the same technology that enables remote controls to work on our TVs. The wire INPUT end of the remote blaster is usually connected to the RF-IN port of your satellite decoder while the device end is kept where you may change your TV channels from - usually in another room.
It is important to the modify the settings of your satellite TV decoder to recognize the remote blasting device attached to it. This is done through the TV INSTALLATIONS or RF or REMOTE CONTROL sub-sections of the SETTINGS  menu. This may however vary depending on the particular type of satellite, terrestrial or cable TV decoder you are using. But for users of the DStv, it is very straightforward and simple.
Following the laid down procedures above will ensure a successful installation of your Remote Blaster and hence your ability to change channels when multiple TVs are connected to one decoder. meanwhile, the remote blaster device can be purchased from the open market especially where cable and satellite TV decoders and accessories are sold. Please comment on this if you have questions wishing to be answered on this or any other issue. Pass this on by sharing to the social media.

Friday, 7 July 2017

The Startimes Nigeria has unfolded a mind-blowing new offer for its large subscribers to enjoy free TV for 2 extra weeks. The digital terrestrial TV provider has begun the promo which enables a subscriber who pays for two months (60 days) to enjoy their TV channels for 72 days.
This offer also came with the introduction of a free TV channel on Startimes channel 172. This free TV channel will continue to show even when your subscription has expired. According to the Startimes TV, this new TV channel shows interesting African movies and other captivating TV programmes. An extra 14 days after payment expires and free TV channels even after subscription expires are the latest ways Startimes TV promises to thrill your terrestrial TV experience.
The digital subscription offer which began in May 2017 will run till July same year. That means that this offer is on-going. Over the years, Startimes have evolved into a super digital terrestrial TV technology of high repute.

Startimes Nigeria TV

Strongly competing with other satellite TV and terrestrial TV brands like the DStv, MyTV, JoyTV and GOtv respectively, Startimes have gradually become a force in the Nigeria's pay-TV industry to reckon with.

You May Like to Read: MultiChoice Explains Why Nigerians, Others Pay High DStv tariffs

                                        How to Install StarSat Satellite TV with STRONG decoders
All it takes is to subscribe for two months or renew before the existing subscription expires and your Startimes TV channels shall run for extra two weeks after your subscription due date. With Startimes highly interactive and HD decoder settop box, a compatible ariel antenna and an active tariff plan, you are set to engage your TV in the world of highly entertaining, informative, incitive and revealing programmes from the digital stable of Startimes TV.
Let us share and rebroadcast to inform our friends on the socials.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

The Universal Serial Port USB technology has become one of the commonest features found in virtually all electronic or technological devices. They have been constructed to aid in many applications ranging from data transfer, electrical power transfers or charges as well as linkages for variouys purposes. However, it has been discovered that lack of knowledge on the proper use of the USB port technology has resulted to the damage of so many devices. A lot of users of techniological devices embedded with the USB feature from the developing world has fallen prey to this misfortune without realizing the cause of their system damage.

USB Technology
You have desktop computers, laptops, mobile or cell phones, tablets, televisions, decoders etc furnished witrh USB ports and you use these ports to power other devices without considering their power capacities and specifications, you are simply initiating sopme irreversible damage to the mother device. When you try to charge your power bank, phones, laptop computers through the USB port of another device without considering the power capacity of both mother and child devices, it leads to permanent power failure and so many other affiliated issues especially on the mother device. Even though every functional USB port receives some degree of electrical power, it was never designed to transmit same to any other external device through its power charging receiving port.
Due to epileptic public power supply in some countries as Nigeria, people are tempted to charge their phones and even power banks through the USB ports of their laptop computers of even TVs and other home utility devices. This is fatally wrong. The moment a wrong power connection is established, the entire integrated circuit system experioences heavy imbalance which triggers system overload. the consequence is the collapse of the diodes, valves, transformers and even the entire mother board of such power-originating device. If the damage does not occur instantly, a gradual system collapse sets in.
Every electrical or electronic device has been built with some specifications as well as guildlines on its uisage. Yhe device user manual should always be consulted before a new form of connectivity or usage is initiated for any technological device. furthermore, every power outlet no matter how small has a related power or electrical capacity discharge limit. This informs you on what kind of secondary or peripheral devices can be attached to such USB ports. Never attempt to use a USB port meant for digital data transfer for electrical power transfers.
The next time you try to charge your power bank from the USB port of your laptop or TV or radio, please have a rethink. You are only telling your laptop, TV, radio or as the case may be that you no longer need it. Secondly, the charger head or integrated circuit (IC) Unit of your mobile phone or device charger has some electrical power specifications which defines the kind of devices it can efficiently supply current to.
The same thing is applicable to the electric cord or wire of your charging device. The wire resistance measured in Ohms, power in Watts, current in Volts all join to define what device your charger is best suitable for. An appropriate use of electrical power charging sources, USB ports and devices can guarantee the long life of your device and its power unit.

Thursday, 29 June 2017

This post informs you on the latest changes in the installation settings, frequency values and general guild on how to install and recieve the MyTV digital satellite TV signals. My TV is one of the popular direct-to-home (DTH) satellite pay-TV services in Nigeria and Africa in general. Its signals are also recieved in other continents of the world as the digital satellite TV has a strongh orbital satellite coverage. Other efficient digital satellite pay-TV services is the DStv, JoyTV or GhanaTV, NileSat, ArabSat and many more.
MyTV Satellite TV
The MyTV is recieved and decrypted by the STRONG brand of dstellite TV decoders. A combination of the right settings, frequency values and dish antenna positioning give you full access
to the MyTV signals. It is remarkable to note that the MyTV satellite TV contains a good number of Free TV channels that you may always watch without having to subscribe or pay money. That may be the reason a lot of MyTV users prefer the digital satellite TV service.



The STRONG or MyTV satellite TV signal is available everywhere as long as you can see the sky heaven. Being of a satellite DTH TV technology, MyTV is recieved from everywhere as long as you have a satellite dish, the right model of STRONG decoder with the correct MyTV installation frequency parameters as shown in this post. Remember that only a trained technician can install the MyTV satellite TV and indeed any other satellite TV as it requires precision and technical skill.


Recently there has been a modification of the MyTV satellite TV installation settings and frequency values. With this new settings, some devices deployed previously during MyTV installation may not work now as they cannot be modified to accomodate the latest MyTV settings. However, here are the latest new settings for the MyTV satellite TV installation. These new settings and frequenciesare also useful during searching for MyTV signals.

Latest Settings for MyTV Satellite TV Signal

Frequency:     12525
Symbol Rate:  30000

Recall that you need the services of a qualified satellite TV instaler to track the MyTV signal dor you. However, a knowledge of how the satellite TV technology signal is propagated, different components of the satellite dish and how to input the frequencies and settingsof the MyTV satellite decoder enables you to install the digital satellite pay-TV by yourself.
Sharing on Facebook and the social media is key to letting your friends know about this new settings for MyTV. Therefore I encourage you to use the sharing buttons below the related posts to share this publication all over the social platforms. Remember to comment below too.


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