Thursday, 22 June 2017

The world's leading software manufacturing giant Microsoft has officially admitted shutting down the anti-virus security software or protection system in Windows 10. This action according to Microsoft was to initiate an ugrade which activated defence systems that would make Windows 10 more secure for its users.

Anti-Virus for Microsoft Windows 10
However, this confession from Microsoft came after a software security company Kaspersky around early June 2017 filed a complaint accusing the softweare gianty of abusing its anti-virus market as well as users. In the reaction that followed, Microsoft said that the upgrading which neccesitated the temporary disabling of the Anti-virus software in Windows 10 was to bundle the newly built Windows Defender Anti-virus into the Windows 10.

This would ensure that every single device - computer, tablet or even mobile, is completely protected against every virus and malware threats. The goodnews is that the laboratory test result showed up to 99% detection rate for viruses. That is to say that the Microsoft Windows 10 is now highly secure against viruses and malware but there is more...

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Talking about the Microsoft Virus Initiative MVI, the software technology giant said that the programme was to satisfy their esteemed customers whom Microsoft has noted that they are lovers of choice. The MVI is a platform which ensures partnership of Microsoft with many other anti-virus security software producers in order to give users of the Microsoft Windows a large array of choosing different Anti-virus softwares for their devices. The Microsoft Virus Initiative Programme ensures sharing of technical ideas and Microsoft technologies with its anti-virus partners with a view to tackling effectively any virus security challenges and other related issues for a future of safer and secure software technology devices.

Saturday, 17 June 2017

In recent past, My DigiTech Media Blog published an announcement about the purported 5% increase in the prices of all DStv and GOtv bouquet and packages with effect from the 1st May 2017. This development was a concern to millions of Nigerian users of DStv and GOtv services who were already feeling the brunt of Nigeria's harsh economic recession. However many were kept in suspense as to know the exact amounts the MultiChoice product tarrifs would be raised to because the initial announcement on the increment was not spwcific on the DStv and GOtv bouquets prices.
DStv latest prices of Bouquet packages
This post however brings you the specific different amounts of all DStv bouquet or product prices. As a subscriber or DStv user, knowing how much each package costs would help you make better informed choices concerning your use of the DStv service and this post gives you the complete and latest prices of all DStv bouquets from May 2017 forward - premium, compact plus, compact, family, access, etc.



this is the highest conventional bouquet available on the DStv package offers. it has the highest number of TV and Audio channels ranging from movies, sports, documentaries, reality TVs, local channels, educational and scientific realtity shows and many more. DStv users who have the PVR decoders or the Explora decoders may have to pay a little extra for the Play/Rewind/record and other features or functionalities in the Exlora, the PVRs or the ExtraView setups.



This is where your world of complete sports experiences begin to unfold. This package is second to the DStv Premium as it has the second highest number of TV and audio channels. Subscribers with PVR, Explora or ExtraView decoder systems could combine this compact plus package with these extra features on their decoders while just aying a little more token.


This is the third largest conventional bouquet or DStv package. With interesting varieties of movie, sports, documentary, local, kiddies and many more categories of TV channels, this DStv bouquet stands out when you compare your pocket strength with super digital satellite pay-tv entertainment.

DSTV FAMILY (Costs NGN 3,800)

For the below-average or low income earners, this DStv package is most likely to be what you are looking for. Africa Magic channels which are also present in higher packages mentioned above give you the best in African movies with the kids, sports news lovers, news freaks andmany other class of viewers not left out. with the latest price increment in all DStv packages, new channels have also surfaced in the bouquets especially in the DStv Family bouquet.


DSTV ACCESS (Costs NGN 1,900)

MultiChoice Nigeria arranged the Dstv program and super technological services to cut across every income earning level of the Nigerian populace. With this little subscription token monthly, your home cannot be left out in the comforting experience of best local channels, Africa magic, religious, documentary, educative, kiddies and many other quality channels from the stable of DStv.
Now you can go for any convenient choice of DStv subscription and remember to also inform your friends using the social media by sharing this post. Your contributions are also welcome so I may learn your views about DStv tariffs in Nigeria.

Sunday, 4 June 2017

Subscribers to mobile telecommunication networks have always had the problem of running out of airtime credit without concluding their talk time conversations. When this occurs in a location or situation where the mobile phone user could not recharge the mobile line airtime, it sometimes becomes an emergency. This necessity brought about the introduction of a new innovation in the mobile software technology which enables a subscriber in need of an emergency mobile communication airtime to borrow from the network provider.
This new airtime borrowing technology has been called many names. One of the Africa's leading telecommunication & network service provider MTN Nigeria called it The MTN ExtraTime. MTN has proven to be an efficient player of this airtime borrowing technology. In this case however, an MTN subscriber who borrows airtime is expected to pay back the borrowed amount at next recharge. Thus, if one borrows for instance 200 NGN, any subsequent recharge made on that mobile line would be deducted until the borrowed sum of 200 NGN is completed.
However, this whole transaction may not be straight and simple as may be perceived. The terms and conditions of the airtime Top-up or ExtraTime imposes some rules which shapes the way this borrowing technology.
For the MTN ExtraTime, one of it's policies stipulates a service charge of 15% of total amount borrowed. This means that for every 100 NGN borrowed, 15 NGN is surcharged. How friendly is it then that when I recharge a 400 NGN airtime, I am left with 340 NGN for my calls. Afterwards, I am also made to pay back the entire 400 NGN. Is this really subscriber friendly?
Other networks like GLO, AIRTEL, ETISALAT etc nay all have such airtime borrowing services with their service charges. You may find out how much you network provider charges upon any airtime borrow.
Another amazing but unfortunate allegation which has not been independently verified is that when making calls on borrowed airtime like the MTN's ExtraTime, your available ExtraTime airtime runs out quicker than a normal tariff airtime.
It is true that although this alleged observation has not been verified, so many mobile network users usually complain about it.
With these disaffections from millions of mobile network providers, what then is the real essence of borrowing airtime for emergency uses. It is alright to have a service fee to each airtime borrowing transaction but in the case of MTN Nigeria, a 15% deduction is too much. Secondly, the ExtraTime or airtime borrow technology should be wholesomely transparent to ensure that mobile subscribers enjoy full talk time duration as they would do on their normal tariff plan airtime.
Have you ever experienced any such issue with airtime Top-up or ExtraTime usage, please share your experience with us in the comment box below. You may share this post CIA your Facebook and other social media for a friend's contribution too.
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Friday, 2 June 2017

The news making the rounds has it that one of the leading telecommunication giants in Nigeria and Africa MTN might soon acquire DStv, GOtv and indeed MultiChoice services. Although the reality of this gigantic technology-driven acquisition has not been independently verified, rumor has it that talks between Naspers Group and MTN allegedly have not yielded any terms in that regards.
The Naspers Group is a global internet and entertainment giant with so many Multinationals as its subsidiaries. One of its subsidiaries in the Satellite TV technology industry is MultiChoice. This company is the privoder of the DStv and the GOtv pay-TV services in Nigeria and entire Africa.
According to some online sources which we could not verify, the Naspers might consider a deal with MTN on the acquisition of DStv, GOtv and MultiChoice. However surprising is this move because with the levels of market penetration and patronage of Nigerians alone, MultiChoice would have been enjoying an impressively robust balance sheet.
Even with the introduction of the Free-TV system via the digitisation policy of the federal government of Nigeria, which I believe may provide some degree of competition with DStv and FOtv, it will take years before the Free TV Set-top box system would favourably compete with MultiChoice  digital satellite and terrestrial pay-TV systems. If this rumor is true I wouldn't think this time is ripe for such venture. As much as I thought, the Naspers through their subsidiary MultiChoice have been great with maintaining the unrivalled quality of visual-audio, super-digital and highly entertaining signals from DStv and GOtv. The technology have been second to none although Nigerians have been clamouring to have the pay-as-you-view system.
On this aspect maybe, the coming of MTN will unleash the pay-as-you-view system on DStv and GOtv, just as Nigerians are currently enjoying the per second billing on the MTN mobile phone network.
DStv, GOtv

Thursday, 1 June 2017

Many readers have been wondering why the sudden change in the outlook design of My Digi-Tech Media Blog. With changes in the colour, interactive features, responsiveness and general user experience, the Nigeria’s number one technology blog has finally risen to the challenge of offering a greater user experience to our global reader audience.
More importantly is that My Digi-Tech Media Blog is now more secure than ever. With the super secure or encrypted Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secured (https) technology from Google, surfing or browsing as well as sharing information has been made highly secure. Users can now access this blog site over the encrypted
My Digi-Tech Media Blog
The new look of My Digi-Tech Media Blog is more flexible and responsive. The blog site loads faster and is compatible on all browsers. My Digi-Tech Media Blog is committed to informing you on prevalent technologies in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large. We discuss issues on cable and satellite TV technology, mobile and computer technology, chemical and health technology as well as jobs and careers in the technology industry. By becoming a regular reader of this blog, you are sure to remain well informed on these topical issues.
You may know more about the My Digi-Tech Media Blog by reading About Us here.

Sunday, 21 May 2017

This post seeks to highlight the importance of the satellite and communicatiion technology in our present day living, with emphasis on the security and defence industry from the Nigerian perspective. This day, everyone has become directly or indirectly affected by the instruments of satellite communication technologies such as mobile phones, computers and tablets, cloud systems and databases, satellite and cable TVs, etc.
From the mobile phones, internet communication or browsing, email, satellite TV and radio to the satellite defence systems, the satellite industry have permeated every fabric of our very human existence. As virtually every human activity is controlled by data operations which is mostly propagated via satellite technology, investing massively in the satellite technology industry is the only sure bet to a prosperous future of any nation especially Nigeria.
Let us also not forget that you are reading this post through an internet-connected device linked to a satellite feed. Every area of human development has been made feasible partly or wholly through advancements in satellite communication technology. It is evident in how Research and Development in the fields of science and arts are easier due to the gains of the satellite technology industry. Realtime business transactions, conferences, lectures, espionage, etc are efficiently conducted via the satellite communication technology highways.
Communication, internet, defence, research etc. My DigiTech Media Blog
The defence industry is not left out. Today we hear of cyber crimes and warfare, unmanned Ariel devices, satellite-guilded ballistic missiles, high definition satellite scan images, etc, all pointing to give credence to the relevance of satellite and affiliated technologies to human emancipation as well as national and global security. ne could say that the instances above belong to the super high technology class. What about the ordinary high technological application where satellite technology have made impact? Even the installation of satellite TV such as DStv, wireless CCTV security camera system etc all require devices and knowledge of the satellite communication technology.
Nigeria has found herself at the receiving end of an already advanced satellite technology and associated industries. This is why internet access which is one of the basic gains of the satellite industry is scarcely available and hardly affordable. Unfortunately, despite the investments made by both government and private institutions in this industry, Nigeria still remains a virgin territory for ventures into the satellite communication technology. With over 180 million people, the world's most populous black nation has many more to tap from in the satellite communication industry.
The satellite TV services which are still in their nascent stage of market penetration are already counting their gains. It is on record that Nigeria provides the biggest market for Africa's leading digital satellite pay-TV service provider, MultiChoice Nigeria. DStv and Gotv are almost in every home in Nigeria today.
With the dwindling academic standard and the declining reading culture in the black African nation, a dive into the gold mines of satellite communication technology would be a welcome development. It would open the minds of the Nigerian government and her people to research and development, reliable national defence programs, higher living standards as well as creating more jobs and reducing poverty. The time to start is now.

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

MultiChoice Nigeria, the leading terrestrial and satellite pay-TV service provider in Africa has announced a relative 5% increase in all their existing DStv and GOtv bouquets for subscribers in Nigeria. Although the new DStv and GOtv prices would start from 1st May 2017, Nigerians have already expressed dissatisfaction over the development.

With the new May 1st 2017 review of DStv and GOtv tariffs, GOtv Plus package would become 1,900 NGN as against 1,800 NGN. Meanwhile other packages would go up accordingly.
From the press briefing organised by MultiChoice, it was gathered that inflation, scarcity of dollar, naira depreciation and general economic situation as in Nigeria were to blame.
My DigiTech Media Blog will bring you the comprehensive list of all the DSTV bouquets and packages as well as Gotv subscribtion lists.

My DigiTech Media Blog

Friday, 14 April 2017

In being successful in the cable, terrestrial and satellite TV installation, there are rules.

Firstly, every region of the world is unique in terms of people, their acceptance of the digital cable, terrestrial or the satellite TV, the market forces and even government policies. But most importantly, your knowledge of how to do the thing is the basics, followed by your sincerity when doing business with people. Focus more on satisfying your customers and building good relationships rather than making money by every means. In small time, these relationahips translate to more work and more money.

Secondly, always try to know about new developments in any brand example, changes in price of decoders, subscription rates and new installation technologies. This means that you need to always research and develop on what you already know as well as new findings.

Thirdly, always go the extra mile. From your learning and research activities to dealing with your customers during servicing or installations, doing that extra good thing to satisfy gives you an edge over your contemporaries. It also keeps you in people's good books. Money is not everything at all times. Doing certain minor jobs free or without being asked to do them tells your customers that your interest lies more in satisfying them than in collecting their money and walking away. Here in Nigeria, most successful installers diversify their technological expertise. Although we have notable terrestrial, cable and satellite TV services like the DStv, GOtv, Star times, MyTV, ArabSat, NileSat etc, many successful technicians or satellite TV installers also venture into CCtv security camera installations, computer networking etc. This  move to enlarge and enrich their knowledge base increases their field of relevance. As long as you are well grounded in any field, all you need is that winning attitude and consistency for you to become a successful installer. Most importantly, never argue destructively with a customer who has come to employ your services or engage you. Always be polite, gentle, but firm when driving home your point. Even when a customer proves too difficult especially in the course of you working for him, explain to him the implications of his decisions then, let the customer have his way. Let your customer know that he is important to you. If anything goes wrong in future as a result, the customer would exonerate you.

Lastly, try to fix yourself up with a certified dealer, retailer or branded store. Public trust and confidence are higher in dealing with installers attached to genuine institutions. Lastly and most importantly, to be a successful installed, always make God your friend and pray ceaselessly.


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