Friday, 20 April 2018

It is now common to see TVs in every room of a building showing satellite TV programs whereas you cannot see any decoder. It is a clear fact that most satellite and terrestrial TV decoders have the ability to transmit secondary TV signals in multiple dimensions & reasonably long distances.

However, there are specific connection types which could enable you to achieve this. Some of these connection settings may not be suitable when you wish to present a neat home devoid of ruffled wire connections.
Today, advancement in satellite and terrestrial TV technology has made it possible that no matter the complex nature of the satellite TV installations, it is possible to have a smart satellite TV/terrestrial TV installation and wiring.

Constructors of modern houses must ensure provisions for conduit wiring of not only electricity circuits but also TV connections. Conduct pipes must be laid within walls, terminating  at a socketed external point.

During satellite or terrestrial decoder installation, the installer only needs to ascend the ceiling for minor wire projections. Starting from the primary signal wire which runs from the satellite dish or Ariel antenna, down to the central control point where the decoder is situated. From that point, which now originates from the RF-OUT of the decoder, TV signals may be distributed as much as one desires.

It is adviced that TV Signal Boosters be strategically connected in series to ensure transmission of quality pictures and audio signals. Recall that as wire length increases, signal quality drops due to increase in resistivity of the wire. Also, at any point of mechanical attachment, there's always a signal leakage leading to decreased signal quality.

With proper connectivity and appropriate signal boosts, you can extend Satellite or terrestrial TV signal to any room or even apartment of choice. However iresearches are still ongoing to ascertain whether signals from terrestrial TV  decoders like the GOtv can be extended, transmitted and/or boosted.

These reveal the simple steps to distribute terrestria or satellite TV signals to all rooms or buildings of choice.

Friday, 12 January 2018

You may have experienced occasions where you GOtv decoder TV display suddenly becomes dark and would not brighten up unless you press any button on your GOtv decoder remote control. A lot of GOtv users contacted My DigiTech Media to complain of this occurrences.

Many thought that their GOtv decoder has damaged. The truth however is that this sudden darkening of the TV screen when watching your GOtv is a serious embarrassment to every GOtv viewer. The good news is that only few punches on your remote control will return your GOtv decoder completely resolved.


The sudden darkening of your TV Screen when viewing your GOtv shows that there is an unread mail message sent to your GOtv decoder account. This mail message is indicated on the TV screen as an envelop sign on the 
top-flight corner of the TV screen.

Until the mail message envelop is removed - whether read or unread, the GOtv decoder will continue to darken your TV screen at intervals. Even when you press any button on the remote control, it only brightens the TV screen for a while and goes dark again after a while.

Therefore, it is necessary to always read and clear your messages received by your GOtv decoder or account.


Clearing the stubborn envelop sign which appears on the top-flight corner of your GOtv decoder TV screen is very simple. The GOtv / TV screen interphase is user friendly. This implies that the directives are usually displayed on the TV screen which helps even a newbie to browse through with the remote control without any major challenges. 

But basically, this is how to clear the envelop sign on the TV screen which causes your GOtv to go dark when viewing it.

...On the Remote control, press MENU

...Scroll .down to MAIL MESSAGES and press OK

...As the message inbox opens, you can begin to delete the messages one after another by pressing the RIGHT BUTTON of the 4corner navigational buttons.

...Continue this until the last of the messages had disappeared.

The envelop automatically disappears the moment the last message wipes out. Once you do this, congratulations! Your GOtv will Bollinger darken when viewing your GOtv channels on your TV. 

This method of deleting messages to clear the envelop sign that causes your GOtv decoder to darken is similar to the way to delete messages and envelops on TV screens of the DStv.

Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Nigeria Communication Commission NCC has unveiled a complaint and solution platform for all mobile phone users in Nigeria. It is no news that the cquality of network communication services provided by telecommunication service providers in Nigeria have been unimpressive and every network subscriber  has at one time or the other been a victim.

You can agree with me that in all aspects of telecomm services in Nigeria - voice call, data, messaging, etc, there have been enormous reasons to complain as Nigerians are constantly been short-changed or economically ripped off. Perhaps, the most worrisome development has been the multitude of unsolicited text messages network subscribers usually recieve in their mobile phones. Sometimes they are unwarrantedly subscribed to services they did not opt for and consequently surcharged.

Today these are the solutions to both the disturbing text messages and any other problems you may have with your network provider in Nigeria. This is from the NCC and it works like magic


To stop all the disturbing SMS or text messages that comes to your mobile phone, the Nigeria Communication Commission NCC has given us this;

Send "STOP" AS AN sms TO 2442

This applies to all networks in Nigeria - MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE, etc. Once you do this, all the stubborn messages would stop coming. If however there are specific services or text messages you would like to subscribe to, all you need to do is to ...

send "HELP" as a text message to 2442

This will open an option box where all the available services are listed. This is where you now choose the particular services you may want to enjoy.

Calling 622 is free on all networks and it is hosted by the Nigerian Communication Commission NCC. This number is for receiving all your complaints against the troubles of MTN, GLO, AIRTEL, 9MOBILE and indeed all the Telecommunications service providers in Nigeria. Surprisingly, it works. Between the hours of 8am to 6pm, you are sure to get across the line to the NCC.

Monday, 8 January 2018

The best way to keep your device safe and secure

Finally, mobile technology giants have advised users of mobile phones, tablets, computers and indeed all forms of internet electronic devices are best kept safe and secure from viruses and other forms of malicious threats by regularly updating their applications and/or device softwares and/or operating systems. This revelation came after a series of unfortunate slow down of some models of Apple i-phones as a result of an application released which was programmed to improve battery life of those devices.
Although Apple has apologized for not advising customers on i-phone models with aging batteries, the mobile technology giant affirmed that it is absolutely necessary to always update your device's software as it is the only way to keep it functioning at optimum capacity as well as safe from any form of malicious threat.

However as the world has become a global village due to a busy internet and cyber space traffic, a lot of malicious sources of mobile or device utility softwares, apps and operating systems softwares have emerged. These are primary sources whereby viruses and cyber worms are released into the cyber space. Some of these cyber security threats are so powerful that they are able to tear down the firewalls of many devices meant to keep the latter safe from internet and cyber attacks.

You cannot say that you are completely free from viruses irrespective of how efficient and up to date your device antivirus may be. you may have downloaded or recieved files from other sources which you can not vouche for their security certificates. Hackers who penetrate other devices either via the internet, cyber space, Wifi, wire connections etc always look for the weakest point in a system software buil-up.

Not using the latest versions of your phone or device softwares provide a veritable vulnerable area for malicious attacks by hackers or cyber terrorists. The primary essence of developing newer versions of softwares or apps is to correct any anomaly observed in an earlier released software version. With the release of any new version, software companies would expect all users of their softwares or devices to upgrade immediately in order to enjoy the gains of the improvementsw made in the latest software versions.

Therefore whether you are using a mobile phone, tablet, laptop, desktop computer, decoders, or any devices which has a software updating feature, always ensure you try your best to keep your devices up to date. More important is to always download newer softwares or latest versions or upgrades from the recommended sources.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

Tech nology is breaking new bounds once again. In the automobile technology, we had seen cars with automatic breaking systems, navigation systems, electrical cars and even self-driving cars. However, never have we seen a car that reads the mind of the driver and before the driver does anything, the car has already done it. The mind-reading car from Nissan has the ability to know what you are thinking and starts doing it before the driver physically applies it.

This latest project from Nissan will take the hi-tech automobile industry by storm as no other automobile giant has been able to match this technological feat.

Already, there has been a prototype being test-run and so far it has been excellent. However, work is stilkl in progress. Thanks to the Nissan Automobile giant. The pictures below explains further...

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Sometime in the last quarter of 2017, the foremost pay-TV services providing company in Nigeria launched a very interesting promotion on its digital terrestrial pay-TV brand - the GOtv. This promo was tagged the GOtv Chop Life Promo. As usual, My DigiTech Media Blog published that report for your usual information. However surprisingly, we made a random unscheduled visit to many MultiChoice dealer outlets in Imo State, South-East of Nigeria only to discover that as at middle of December 2017, nearlt all the offices visited had not begun  the sale of the GOtv Chop life promo. However this post is not meant to dwell on that ugly development.

In this post, we intend to give you more details about the on-going GOtv Chop Life Promo. Maybe you may want to participater in this mouth-watering exercise after reading this post on the GOtv chop Life Promo.

GOtv Chop Life Promo


The GOtv Chop Life Promo is both for new and existing GOtv subscribers. For new customers or prospective GOtv users, GOtv now sales for 4,300 NGN (Nigerian Naira). This covers all the components (the GOtv decoder, GOantenna, all accessories including wire) and also one month free GOtv subscription. This means that you get to watch your GOtv channels free for one month

And this is not all! As you buy your set of GOtv system for 4,300 NGN, you also win a cartoon of "Hungry man Indomie noodles". other gifts up for grabs include generators, kitchen uten sils and many more.


As an existing user of GOtv, all you need to do to profit from the on-going GOtv Chop Life Promo is;

If you are subscribed to the GOtv Plus package, simply subscribe or pay for two months of the GOtv Plus bouquet and you are in. Alternatively you can also upgrade your decoder to the new GOtv Max Package and that is it. Having done this, you stand to win all those prices as mentioned above and still many more..

I guess this is your best chance to get yourself a GOtv.

Tuesday, 19 December 2017

It is common to hear subscribers complain that even after they have renewed their GOtv subscription, their channels refused to show. This is not to say that the GOtv platform is not efficient nor automated. In fact, GOtv subscriber management system utilizes the best of technologies in digital terrestrial pay-TV industry in subsaharan Africa including Nigeria.

The GOtv system has been built to enable any customer resolve any issue through the GOtv Easy Self Service window. This post shows you how to restore your channels if they fail to come up after paying your GOtv subscription. They are easy and reliable.

When you make payment correctly and it is confirmed as successful but after some minutes your channels are yet to show up, I am sure that your money is sitting right in your GOtv account but it requires a reconnection command which ought to have been initiated automatically as soon as the payment was confirmed. However, simply call 08039044688 or dial *288*# or try this SMS code by sending (RESET IUC No.) to 4688. That is type your decoder IUC number after the RESET and send the SMS to 4688. Your GItv will come alive and will also start reading from that moment

Thursday, 14 December 2017

You might think you are about to board a jumbo passenger jet, only to discover you just stepped into a sophisticated state-of-the-art hi-tech and fully equipped eye hospital . With every facility, equipment, surgical operating theaters, simulation rooms, consultants, doctors and all you could imagine for the best eye hospital in the world, the Orbis Flying Eye Hospital has become the first and the best airborne eye specialist hospital in the world.

Aside the diagnosis and treatment of eye problems by consultants, surgeons and doctors on-board the Orbis, the Flying Eye Hospitals also has a major teaching hospital facility which makes it possible to train young ophthalmologists or doctors in the air.

Currently, the Orbis Flying eye Hospital has become a perfect project for the doctors without boarders to get eye medical care to any location round the world in the shortest possible time. A one-stop eye hospital for all kinds of eye problems and conditions.

Technology made this possible, and there is more in these pictures...


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