Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Recently I published a post on How to Exchange your faulty or old GOtv decoder to a new one. This is done the MultiChoice Decoder Stop Program. By trading in your faulty GOTV or dstv decoder and paying a token (1,500 NGN for gotv),  a new decoder is instantly issued.

You don't need to worry about any active subscription on your faulty decoder account as the new decoder is linked into your existing account.  By this,  you continue from where you stopped.

However there are mistakes subscribers make when changing or swooping their gotv decoders. Basically GOtv decoders are of two models.  These are distinguished largely by the AC power input port and their respective power adaptor sizes. Recall that a decoder stop only changes the decoder box and if another model of GOtv decoder is issued,  you wouldn't notice until you got home since both models look exactly alike.

The implication is that you can not use the existing decoder power adaptor on your new decoder.  You must then be forced to buy another electric power adaptor for your new GOtv decoder.

By this development,  you are advised to carry your AC power adaptor along when going for a GOtv decoder stop.  Ensure that for any decoder to be issued,  it is tested with your AC power adaptor in order to verify their compatibility.  This is the only way you may avoid buying another adaptor with every change of GOtv decoders.

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

A lot of disturbing calls from the GOtv call Centre in Nigeria over subscribers' chances of winning some 200 or something litres of petrol has been on the increase. Thousands of my dedicated readers on this blog have attested to this fact some of them have been called on phone to inform them that by reactivating their GOtv decoders or renewing before the existing GOtv subscription expires, they would win some hundreds of litres of petrol. I am not disputing the credence of this promotional offer from GOtv but I wish to use this platform to explain how GOtv customers can see that this comes true.
GOtv Nigeria
GOtv is a reputable digital terrestrial pay-tv brand and by its social coporate responsibility, they would not fail Nigerians by putting up fictitious promos or offers. In as much as many customers complained that even after fulfilling the conditions for winning such litres of petrol, they still saw no petrol from GOtv. The truth is that GOtv call centre representative who speak directly with subscribers have failed to excplain in details what exactly happens behind the scene in the selection process of the GOtv litres of petrol offer.
A customer complained to My DigiTech Media that she actually received a text message congratulating her for winning some hundreds of litres of petrol. She thought the GOtv would tell her how to claim her bounty but unfortunately that was the last she heard from GOtv. Surprisingly, many users of GOtv now believe GOtv agents on phone lines are very pro-active when it comes to pushing customers to renew or reactivate their GOtv accounts through subscription payments. I think this proactiveness needs to be extended towards the building customers' confidence in the offers and promotional intergrity of GOtv.



When GOtv agents call you on phone to inform you about your chances of winning the GOtv litres of petrol, then you really stand a chance. All you need to do is to fulfill the conditions spelt out to you. However, the truth is that after fulfilling these conditions, a raffle draw is conducted for this GOtv petrol offer. Obviously you are not the only GOtv customer contacted for the petrol offer. The subscribers who fulfilled these conditions are collated and the final lucky winners emerge after a raffle draw is conducted.
If you however receive a congratulatory message that you have successfully won the litres of petrol from GOtv, it means you were successful in the raffle context. At this point, I advise you place a call to the GOtv Direct Helpline on 08149860333 to claim your GOtv litres of petrol bounty.
I believe this revelation would have enlightened you as a GOtv user on how to go about winning the GOtv litres of petrol offer in Nigeria. You may share your experience on this issue by commenting on the box below and also share this on your social platforms - Facebook, twitter, Google plus etc.

This is good news for millions of GOtv customers in Nigeria. For a long time now, GOtv users have had the problem of trying to contact the GOtv customer Care without success. The previously available helplines from MultiChoice were primarily for DStv customers. But today, an exclusive toll-free customer care line for GOtv has been unveiled.

GOtv Customer Care line:  08149860333


The all-time GOtv customer Helpline is available 24/7. This means that GOtv customers can get help from GOtv call centre at all times - night or day. This GOtv customer assistance number is toll-free for all networks. Therefore, you make calls to this GOtv helpline free of charge irrespective of your operating telecom network - MTN, GLO, ETISALAT (9Mobile), AIRTEL etc.


Customers could have all their GOtv issues resolved on the new TOLL-FREE active helpline. All GOtv reconnection, reactivations, wrong account payment transfers, TV channel or program inquiries, technical errors, installation guilds and many more GOtv matters are comfortably handled on the new GOtv customer care line at no cost.

Please help share this info to let your GOtv-user friends know about this new Helpline to make their use of GOtv easy and pleasurable.

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Gotv, a digtal terrestrial pay-TV service from MultiChoice Nigeria has become widespread and mostly prefered for its super video and audio TV signal qualities comparable to the DStv. Unfortunately many Gotv users have begun complaining on this platform about the incessant booting failures and sudden stillness of their Gotv decoders. With so many viewers initially relating it to Gotv signal flucruations, this eventually prooved to be a more serious issue closely related to Gotv decoder software/hardware malfunction.

However, MultiChoice has directed that any faulty Gotv Gotv decoder can now be returned in exchange for a brand new Gotv decoder just for a token of 1,900 naira. Although this arrangement has been open for some time now, not many Gotv subscribers knew about it.


Just like in the Multichoice old to new DStv decoder exchange which was initially free, some little token were now paid after the deadline. For your old and faulty GOtv decoders, customers may exchange it for new decoders by paying just 1,500 NGN. Simply walk into any MultiChoice office or popularly major DStv/GOtv offices where subscribers can also pay GOtv and DStv tariff subscriptrions.
Submit the faulty GOtv decoder, pay your swop charge of 1,500 naira and get another brand new GOtv decoder.
Recall that whether you are submitting directly to any of the regional offices of multichoice or any branded store within your locality, there are no extra charges nor hidden charges. The new GOtv decoder given to you must be linked into your existing GOtv subscription account. This will enable you continue enjoying your already paid subscription bills hence no interruption in your TV viewing. For instance, if your old GOtv decoder spoils 15 days after payment and reconnection, you will still watch or view that same GOtv subscription payment for another 15 days whenever the new GOtv decoder has been fully activated.
Although the linkage or activation of the new GOtv decoder usually takes place within minutes, some rare circumstances may warrant that you pick up the decoder after one or few days. Such circumstances may be availability of stock decoders for swop purposes.
Therefore if your GOtv decoder is faulty, do not attempt to open it up to repair. Do not also take it else (maybe roadside electricians) for repairs. MultiChoice has a reputation for tamper-proof devices on all their models of decoders – DStv and GOtv decoders alike. If your decoder is opened up and worked on even in the slightest margins, Multichoice would never take responsibility for such decoder.
As you read this post, kindly share it on your Facebook and other social platforms to let your friends know what to do when their GOtv or even DStv decoder damages. Also comment in the box below to tell us of your experiences in this regard.

Saturday, 22 July 2017

Finally all your SIM CARDS or phone lines could becregistered and used on WhatsApp at the same time. Even if you have just one android phone, Dual SIM or single SIM android phone, you can now install and enjoy two or multiple WhatsApp applications all in one smartphone or android device. The key is the GB WhatsApp which makes it possible and easy to use two or more WhatsApps on your phone. The GB WhatsApp WhatsApp can be downloaded from your mobile phone's App Store...Play Store for android phone users and other IOS App Store as the case may be.


The steps involve the normal procedure of finding the GB WhatsApp on your Application Store online and downloading it to your android mobile phone. Once downloaded, the normal installation process for your phone is followed.
After successfully installing the Dual WhatsApp Apk by the GB WhatsApp, activation of the socials Application is next. If you had been a user of the single WhatsApp, recall that you activated it by accepting the WhatsApp terms & conditions, entering your mobile phone line number, verifying your number through SMS or text message and finally choosing a username, profile pic and backup plan.

In the case of using two WhatsApps on one phone, virtually same steps are taken. The two WhatsApp icons that appear after installing the GB WhatsApp softwares are used to register and activate any mobile line or number you wish to use on WhatsApp.

Please ensure that any mobile number you enter during your Two WhatsApp or Dual WhataApp registration in one phone needs to be active in any phone - big or small phone. This is to enable you receive the WhatsApp activation code or WhatsApp verification code. Once you received the code, the Dual or Double WhatsApp is ready for use.

A lot of android phone users or smartphone users like you undoubtedly have more than one SIM or mobile numbers. For the social fun-filled network which WhatsApp provides, you can now maximise that chat, video call, voice call and file share avenues through this new ability to use two WhatsApps on one android phone or smartphone.
Kindly report your experience on this new Dual QhatsApp by commenting below. However, remember to share this post on the social media like Facebook etc.

Thursday, 20 July 2017

Etisalat Nigeria has finally become 9mobile. This development materialised yesterday Wednesday as the new Chief Executive Officer CEO, Bode Olusanya promises Nigerians better innovative telecommunication technology and other value added services.

The emergence of 9mobile as a replacement for the Etisalat brand in Nigeria followed a pull out of the UAE company Etisalat International from the Nigeria market after talks failes to repay the 1.7 bn dollars loan borrowed by the Etisalat company.

You may read the report by clicking here on the Exit of Etisalat from Nigeria.

My DigiTech Media Blog forecasted a buy-over of the former Etisalat infrastructures sited in Nigeria with its attendant probable loss of jobs, rebranding or remodelling. This prediction is exactly happening now. Users of Etisat lines have begun seeing a new 9Mobile brand name and logo appear on their phone screens.

As 9mobile telecom brand is unvield in Lagos Nigeria, the company has promised to right the wrongs of Etisalat Nigeria and take the telecommunication and all its value added services to the next level.

Tuesday, 11 July 2017

Nigerians woke up this morning to the shocking news that one of the popular telecom operators Etisalat has wrapped up its business from the Nigerian market. The Abu Dhabi owned telecommunication giant announced the cut off of Etisalat International from doing any form of business in Nigeria on Monday.

Goodbye to Etisalat Nigeria
The quit notice according to the Head of Etisalat International was due to the failure of the 1.7 billion USD faced loan talks. The company saw no need to continue running any business transaction in Nigeria. To this end, Etisalat International has issued a directives to Etisalat Nigeria to withdraw or put away all products and services of the Etisalat brand from the Nigeria market. This ultimatum is to be fully implemented within two weeks.



By this move to abandon operations in Nigeria, the Dubai based telecom giant is leaving being calculated assets and liabilities. Some of these assets may include their operational infrastructure - communication masts, control hubs as well as technology etc. What is expected now is a hurried sell-off of these infrastructures, technology framework and expectedly loss of jobs. This is invariably not good for Nigeria and her people.



Millions of Nigerians are worried about what would happen to their Etisalat SIMs, modems, branded phones and other Eris a late encoded devices. With this sad exit of Etisalat from Nigeria, we are expecting a rapid shutdown of facilities, loss of Etisalat network signals and non-working of Etisalat-encoded technological devices.
Maybe owners of Etisalat lines could begin to port to other networks to remain active and reachable. Let us know your experience as you comment in the box below. Also share this Etisalat's Exit breaking news on the social media to enlighten friends.

Monday, 10 July 2017

The need to imbibe a habit of safeguarding our lives and property increases by the day.

Just recently, the story of a cruel Physiotherapist, Ms Bisola Anthonia Ojo who was captured on CCTV camera abusing a little girl diagnosed with cerebral parsley went viral; this video has been making rounds and attracting sympathizers who have been calling for justice. The horrific 19 minute video showed the “supposed” caregiver slapping, hitting, pushing and twisting the arms of a defenseless special needs child.
This story has provoked a lot of thoughts, but the big question is what if the school had not installed a CCTV camera? The extent of damage that would have been done to the child would definitely have been immeasurable; she might have even gotten away with it. We have come to a stage where we cannot deny the relevance of technology in combating insecurity. The CCTV camera technology has proven this fact.

CCTV Security Technology
Bizarre stories like; paid servants conniving with kidnappers/armed robbers to wreck untold suffering on their employers, with many cases resulting in loss of funds, property and even human lives, continually made headlines.
What could be done to avert, preempt and check these unforeseen occurrences?
The need to put in place formidable security solutions in homes, schools, churches, offices and public spaces cannot be overemphasized.
There are a couple of security consultancy agencies that are poised to design, implement, install and maintain quality standard security monitoring and surveillance systems within convenient budgets whilst upgrading and eliminating limitations  on already existing systems.
One of these security consultancies, Wiltrend Professional Services Limited, an indigenous IT firm with proven expertise in design, installation and management of integrated safety and security systems for domestic and industrial facility as well as general IT system supports.

Wiltrend Professional Services Limited provides security system consultancy services with professional competencies in the installation, maintenance and delivery of surveillance systems, access control, automated gates, fire prevention and control systems, intercom PABX, security systems and IT systems support.
Call or book online for free inspection on www.wiltrendltd.com
Mobile: 08066506766, 0902 620 7189
Email: wiltrendprofltd@gmail.com


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